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Supporting the Saunders College of Business is a Smart Investment

Did you know that supporting the Saunders College of Business helps you as much as it does your alma mater? When you make a gift to the Saunders College, your gift helps to build one of this country's leading business colleges. It may go toward student scholarships, making it possible for the College to recruit the best prospective students. It may go to faculty support, ensuring outstanding teaching and research from national leaders in business education. It may support classrooms and student facilities that mirror the professional, world-class image that a leading business college should reflect.

Wherever your gift is directed, it helps build the Saunders College into a national leader in higher education, and that means your degree is worth more. In addition to the outstanding education you received, you'll be able to claim a degree from a top business college that competes on par with this country's best known schools.

Explore the links to see what alumni gifts to the Saunders College of Business are doing today. Then, join us in building the next great business college here at RIT.

Click here to make a gift to the Saunders College of Business. Thank you for your support!